Hospitality Management Consulting

Our Consultant team operate across a wide variety of services in Hotel  such as:
•    Hotel Revenue Management
•    Hotel Sales Representation
•    Hotel Distribution
•    Hotel Internet Marketing
•    Stakeholders forum and survey
•     International Benchmarking
•    Social media analysis
•    Legal frame work
•    Developing existing & new classification system
•    Special Classification system
•    Boutique Hotel
•    Heritage Hotel
•    Test Run for Hotel and accommodation related
•    Training for staff

Our team enjoys a long track record in creating, revising and updating hotel and tourism classification system in the industry. The system we create covers many areas of hotel, tourism and food and beverage to enable tourism authorities to rate and evaluate considering international benchmark. Methodology applied is new in the market considering dynamic service, quality, quantitative, and most important development of social media. This will include international analysis of criteria, market trend, industry survey, social media analysis, and new innovative concepts in the industry. Our qualified Local and international teams are specialized in setting up and upgrading Hotel and Tourism Classification rating system,
 to evaluate and maintain hospitality sector standard in an efficient manner.

Food and Beverages
From space identification, overseeing market research, and concept brand development, to design, menu engineering, pricing, staffing and recruitment, food and beverage services are designed to create trendsetting products that deliver optimum returns for operators and owners alike.
Services provided
- Space identification
- Location review, feasibility studies and advice on market trends
- Concept development and implementation
- Development of business plan
- Assistance, advice and monitoring of interior design
- Advice on the procurement process
- Branding process
- Menu engineer and tasting
- Identify relevant health, hygiene and safety regulations
- Recruitment process, recommendations on salary for each post, bonus schemes, service charge
- Assisting in developing operations manuals
- Training program development - Restaurant management and operational assessments