Company Profile

Michael Hopelyn Ltd was established to provide value-added cleaning and allied services to a broad range of clients, through trained and skilled personnel. It is important to note that our strategic objectives are aligned with any customer’s interest towards ensuring an ultimate long-term sustainability. Cleaning is often viewed as the 'bucket and mop brigade', but Michael Hopelyn Ltd is working hard to have the industry recognized as an integral part of the GDP as it is the sector that keeps the country beautiful.

Our management team collectively have vast years of experience in the world of contract cleaning, and we have the privilege of rendering contract cleaning and hygiene services in Nigeria and beyond.

Adding value

Whatever the facility, be it warehouse, multi-story office building, residence, retail outlet, Shopping Centre, Hotel, Airport, sports or entertainment venue, our Management team researches your cleaning requirements and advises the best procedures while bearing in mind your specific needs. We are committed to managing the customers need through experience and skilled workers, by combining measures balanced between labour and equipment in order to provide our clients with a proficient, productive and cost effective all-round contract cleaning service.

Michael Hopelyn utilizes the latest cleaning technologies available, and employs a range of environmental friendly cleaning chemicals and materials. We have people with a high work ethics, and who were subjected to a range of basic and specialist courses, designed to meet legislated standards and Michael Hopelyn’s own high standards of excellence. Ongoing on-site training is also crucial to the up skilling of our personnel.

From the start, our team implements the systems as it best suit your contract site cleaning requirements.Operations Managers make frequent, scheduled inspections and this ensures that all our personnel accept and adhere to the standards set, and that the expected service is rendered according to those standards. Michael Hopelyn Services has developed an efficient modus operandi, with proven feedback and monitoring mechanisms designed to make our service satisfactory with the customer in mind.

Why use contract cleaning services?

Cleaning is important in any commercial environment since business premises typically house large numbers of people in close proximity to each other. Besides the buildup of dirt from so many people, germs can also spread more easily in shared facilities such as common rooms, washrooms and kitchens.

Using a cleaning company to provide contract cleaning services means that you can outsource this ongoing necessity to clean your building’s interiors for a fixed monthly or weekly fee. Couple with limiting the spread of germs in the workplace, you also reduce absenteeism from your employees and improve their workplace quality of life.

Finally, a long term cleaning contract allows you to allocate in advance a portion of your budget towards keeping your business premises clean and hygienic for effective and productive work force.

Cleaning services for a wide range of industries

Our highly trained cleaning crews are experienced at cleaning any work premises across a wide range of industries as;

• Educational and Business premises
• Healthcare premises
• Hospitality premises